It is hard to imagine our life without music. With the help of music, they relax and rest, enjoy and experience the peaks of recovery. Young people often do not wash away their lives without daily listening to their favorite hits. Streaming music services are a great way to access millions of tracks at any time. They give us the flexibility to choose the time and place to listen. When choosing a music service, we usually pay attention to:

  1. Number of available tracks.
  2. Functionality
  3. If there is a need to pay.

Now let’s focus on the functionality of music services

If we do not want to lose the access to music we should definitely choose the services that can work off-line. Thanks to this feature, we can download tracks, albums or playlists to your devices. Musical platforms usually allow creating playlists and albums according to our taste. But there are services that went much further. Like, for example, Spotify. Here we can leave comments to tracks and chat with other users-write them messages and add to our friend list. It looks like a social net for music lovers. It is also important for a music service how well the idea with musical recommendations is carried out. They should be constantly updated. This gives the opportunity to expand our musical horizons while taking into account our preferences. And of course a musical platform should suggest user-friendly collections by mood, by genre, or by performers. There are dozens of services with different levels of functionality.

The best music platforms according to users

  1. The platform which we have already mentioned in this article is rightfully considered to be the most popular and most successful streamer in the world. It should be mentioned that the service is paid. The price depends on the country through which the account is registered. There are different types of subscription: individual, family or student;
  2. YouTube Music. The application is divided into three tabs: “Home”, “Hotlist” and “Library”. The most important thing is that by running the clip, you can turn off the picture with one button, leaving only the track, and block the smartphone – the playback will not stop;
  3. Apple Music presents one of the biggest music libraries. The service of recommending new music based on your preferences works fairly accurately, and the compilations are compiled manually by the editors, so you can often find many interesting things in them. Downloading tracks offline and lyrics are also available;
  4. Deezer is compatible with all operating systems on smartphones and computers, smart tv and services for listening to music in cars. More than 40 million available tracks, the ability to create your playlists, sensible recommendations and music selections by genre and mood;
  5. SoundCloud gives the ability to download our favorite music. We can upload soundtracks of various artists to the account, our own mixes and songs. There are ready-made playlists that we can listen according to in the mood.

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